Welcome to the book club.

I want you to get what you want out of this experience and I want to support your next level of thrive.

I created some tools and videos for you.

  • Buy your Body Thrive book in print or kindle.
  • Send your Book Club Workbook to the local printer. This workbook has the worksheets you’ll use week-to-week to uplevel your habits.
  • Print your Book Club Guide. This book club guide has the questions that can help your group and you stay on target for your meetings.

Body Thrive Videos

Body Thrive Book Intro

Habit 1: Earlier, Lighter Dinner

Habit 2: Early to Bed

Habit 3: Start the Day Right

Habit 4: Breath Body Practices

Habit 5: Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Habit 6: Self-Massage

Habit 7: Sitting in Silence

Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines

Habit 9: Come to Your Senses

Habit 10: Easeful Living