Align your habits with the future body you desire in 10 weeks.

As you’ll see in the book, Body Thrive is innovative, practical and results-focused. In a poll of 150 clients working in a group during a 10 week Body Thrive™ program with various Yoga Health Coaches (in training) we discovered:

Developed better self-care habits 89%
Feel better in their bodies 79%
Are eating a healthier diet 59%
Are sleeping better and feel well rested 51%

We all want to thrive.

Simple Habits to Uplevel Your Body + Your Life from Ayurveda.

Learn 10 habits in 10 weeks from Ayurveda.

Learn the basics of behavioral science to uplevel your habits.

Learn how to change your habits in relationships.

Simple, effective strategy to get better sleep, more energy, and more nutrients.

All The Love

Body Thrive taught me how to eat right for my body, and I lost 10 pounds without even trying:)
– Vanessa Sulzer
Living the 10 habits not only changed my life dramatically at the get go, there is a non-stop continuous evolution occurring. I am becoming a new person every day- Creating the me I want to be and the life I want to live!
– Beth Claxton
“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your voice in my life! In your course I gained a lot of knowledge and created many healthy habits that I continue to this day. Again I want to thank you for being such a strong and powerful voice in my life.”
– Christy Mack
I was on the path before I began Body Thrive but the practices have deepened and have more traction now. What I’m even more grateful for is the subtle identity shift from being one with good intentions to one who can pull them off. Thank you Cate and Company for putting together this ingenious package of mind blowing material, inspiration and wholehearted community support!
– Judy Orloff

The Yoga Health Coaches asked me to write them a manual.

Instead I wrote this book.

Body Thrive – the book – is a much more
fun and effective way to pick up enlightened habits
than a manual could ever be.

At the helm of since 2001, as an Ayurvedic Practitioner + Yoga Teacher I’ve picked up a thing or two about habit evolution for yogis. On the mic of the Yogahealer Real Life show since 2012 I inadvertently became known as the go-to-gal who makes Ayurveda easy to understand and super practical. And somewhat inadvertently, I built a global army of Yoga Health Coaches to coach their communities through these 10 habits.

This book is dedicated to the global army of  Yoga Health Coaches who are spreading these habits in their ‘hoods. And, it’s for me to remember what to do whenever I get off track.

I must say, the book is a little edgy for Ayurveda. It’s kind of cutting-edge for Yoga peeps, and those who just are sick of their own outdated patterns. If that is you.. you’ll love it. I’f you’re a yoga person, you’ll really love it. I think.

Hi, I’m Cate.
Do you want to experience thrive?
Are you feeling the call of better body integrity?
Are you sick of your own *&^!, or  ready to call your own bluff?

If so, I’m so glad we’ve met.

Or kind of met in a you’re on the webpage for my book kind of way.

The pleasure is all mine.

Cate Signature

How this book works:

  • 10 habits. 10 weeks.
  • Grab a friend and do it together – the book club guide is in the book.

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