Cate's Body Thrive Coaching propels people who want a bigger, better and more aligned life to achieve deeply desired results.

Cate will guide you to be deeply at home, at ease, and aligned in your body through
Wisdom of Ayurveda.

Better Energy. Deeper Nourishment. True Rest. Easeful Living.

A complete inside-out better habit makeover in 1 year... that lasts a lifetime!

Cate guides your healing journey into the habits to thrive.


In the first quarter you become part of our dynamic group. You learn the habits and our ethos to help you accelerate your journey to thrive.

Relax and attune to being in a super healthy, supportive, growth-oriented environment. 

As your body and mind become vibrant, grounded and resilient from the habits, you'll  become aware of your bigger opportunities. In Q4, you'll have deeper alignment to your purpose to live a life that is brighter and more fulfilling than you've ever imagined.

In Q4 you'll tap into what the yogis call "dharma" – your unique purpose and potential.




How good could you feel in one year?
Let's find out!





By quarter 2 (Q2), you'll already be feeling better, looking better. You'll know your Keystone habit.

Month 3-6 you'll be noticing on a deeper level where you are in or out of integrity with your habits. You'll have higher level thoughts.  Your current body, emotions, and thinking will be reflects your better habits.

Journey through the seasons into Body Thrive...

guided by Cate for an entire year!

By Q3, you'll notice how much better your quality of life has become from these habits.
Your better habits will be automatic and natural, your weight will be shifting to optimal, your energy will deepen, your emotions will become increasingly positive, and your thinking will become inspired!

Sherry Joy Clower

"Before Body Thrive I was feeling quite "out of Rhythm".  I was experiencing some depression, ungroundedness, low energy and frustration

with a sense I know things I need to do but struggling with how to change it - how to get out of the rut & "Just Do IT". It was painful to feel so out of Integrity...

I feel a new sense of connection, centeredness, growing energy, empowerment and momentum that has me not only

more physical Body Thriving but movement into my future, my potential on all levels - especially living in Dharma -

which is what my big desire and intention.

Lea Horvatic

"Cate's Body Thrive course and community will revolutionize your life! You will renew your vigor, establish yourself in true health, and create more time in each day to do whatever you want. I'm grateful for the support in my own evolution."

Yoga Teacher, UK

Sydney Doolittle

After years of

travel, working long hours, moving and exercising quite a lot and never slowing down, I came to a near dead stop

when i was told that I exhausted my adrenal glands.
I was beyond exhausted.

Anyone who could use more energy each day, or extra support andencouragement in life, 

or wants to lose weight, etc should definitely get into Body Thrive with Cate.

Body Thrive awakened

my passion for Ayurveda. I not only wanted to live the habits but I wanted to study and teach them as well!:

What attracted me to Yogahealer was the practice of living Ayurveda versus just the study of Ayurveda. My first assignment of defining my values was life transformational. I discovered and acknowledged my life purpose. My purpose was always there.

I just did not know it.
Through the Yogahealer process
of experimentation and self-discovery I have gained an acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude for the ups and downs --riding the flow and embracing it with amazement and amusement.

The practice of developing Body Thrive habits and to live Ayurveda has taught me that my keystone habit of living in


Andrea Perry

What We Hear Back...

Recover Deep Rhythm in Your Everyday Life

 People around the planet feel the stress of disconnect from earth-based rhythms which is waking us up to the powers of self-healing and deep desire to live dynamic, fully embodied lives. This is the best time to be part of a group that is evolving in real time.

Your Next Evolution

Whatever your goals may be for your body and your life, Cate Stillman, her courses and the global community of Yogahealer thrivers will guide you through your personal dynamic evolution journey, supporting you to transform your habits and your life, helping you to reach the next level of thrive and personal integrity. Over the past two decades Yogahealer courses have led people around the world to evolve their personal health through living the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Align For Greater Impact

Ayurveda offers living wisdom and the habits that wake you up to your potential. If you want to live a powerful, purposeful life... if you want longevity that comes from getting smarter, wiser and more integrated each day, know that you found an innovative, global yet tight-knit course and community that will engage your evolving edge to live into your potential.

More Time in Your Day For What Matters Most

What is the Body Thrive Course
with Cate Stillman?

Cate Stillman, the global expert on Ayurveda Habits Coaching, will guide you   for an ENTIRE YEAR
Step by Step to Thrive in your Daily Life,  Have More Time for You, Nourish Yourself Deeply, and Rebuild Your Immune System

Ask questions live via web conference weekly! Her life online course community is dynamic, connected and thriving!

Without EVER Leaving Your Home!

A 12 Month Dynamic Journey with Cate Stillman
to Master Your Daily Habits + Awaken Your Potential

You don’t need to have read Cate's Book, Body Thrive, to be a member in this year-long course.  In fact, you don’t even need to be a Yoga Student or a healthy eater or a regular exerciser. The beauty of Cate's Body Thrive group is that she is a Master Coach and an Ayurvedic Practitioner with a strong teaching background in Yoga and yoga philosophy. New members range from people suffering from chronic diseases including autoimmune disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, heart disease, and cancer.... to people who are already very healthy and looking for the next edge in their peak performance and deep rejuvenation.

Part of the power of this program is it's all levels approach. You'll learn on every live coaching session from both Cate, the other Coaches... and also from the other Members. You'll witness breakthroughs in all the other members - as unbelievable as that may seem. That is how effective Cate's Body Thrive group is. Your knowledge will deepen into true living wisdom. 

And if you’re already experienced as a Wellness Pro or Yoga Teacher, this course will elevate your skills alongside bolstering your own personal integrity with your wellness wisdom. As you deepen your integrity and gain deeper insight into Ayurveda, you'll see why Wellness Pros from around the world, from many backgrounds, choose to study with Cate Stillman.


Body Thrive with Cate Starts February 3:

Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder and author in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga and Dynamic Groups. She founded in 2001, and Yoga Health Coaching in 2012. She is renowned for helping both individuals and wellness professionals to evolve their personal health and increase their community impact.

"When you align your daily habits into planetary rhythms you wake up your potential and thrive on the next level."
Cate Stillman

Who is Cate Stillman - the Yogahealer?


"Body Thrive will change your body, mind and consciousness so your life can become more whole." 

Dr. Vasant Lad

Founder: The Ayurvedic Institute

Be Coached Live 
Week after Week
for an Entire Year Without Needing to Leave Your Home

Scheduling an appointment with a health coach or Ayurvedic practitioner every time you want guidance, inspiration or support can be an obstacle to getting the kind of ongoing nurturance you need to make real changes, week after week.  It would be so much easier to take an online course  - but you wouldn't get live support right?

Well, not the case with Cate's Body Thrive Group. You'll be able to talk to a coach live every week and be with Cate's group live at least every other week. If you'd rather simply listen after the live recording - on your own schedule - they are available within 24 hours. What differentiate's Cate's Body Thrive Group is the level of ongoing access to her and to the live coaches.

And... as you fall in love with your body and your life, this may be the first step towards helping other people thrive. CATE INVITES YOU TO COMMIT TO YOUR BODY, TO COMMIT TO THE PROCESS AND WITNESS YOUR OWN RAPID EVOLUTION.  

Are You Willing to Align Your Life?

You can live a life aligned to universal rhythm... a day to day experience that awakens your potential. While deep lasting change is slow and hard on your own, Cate accesses the power of cultivating a culture of dynamic transformation. By becoming part of a dynamic group your evolution happens faster and easier – and it's more fun. Surrounded by guidance, care, and deep wisdom, alignment happens in real-time. 

Working with Cate, the results come quickly and easily – not only because people are waking up to the power of self-healing, yoga, and Ayurveda, but because Cate guides people to evolve their habits in real time - to change their daily rhythms to fall in line with nature’s rhythms. Cate bases all of her teachings on the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda coupled with the dynamic power of Evolutionary Groups, mentorship, and collective leadership. 


Cate doesn't just offer courses - she generates the power of a dynamic online community. Her tireless innovation and devotion to what helps people evolve their heath faster, easier and in a more fun experience is the hallmark that created her programs, including annual courses such as Body Thrive, Living Ayurveda, and the bi-annual Yogidetox. Yogahealer's dynamic online community is the evolving edge of an ancient-meets-innovative approach.

This is why so many healers, holistic practitioners, yoga teachers, exercise physiologists,  nurses, doctors, body workers, personal trainers, nutritionists, and other wellness professionals choose to study with us and become part of our global course member community – as well as people just looking to thrive in their bodies in real-time...

Just as importantly, Yogahealer courses not only impact course members, but their families and communities become healthier as well. Step-by-step, the Yogahealer community will guide you into the same habits that yogis have used for thousands of years – helping you to recover your innate vibrancy, rebuild your immune system, discover your daily rhythm and live your life on purpose.  We want you to do you as best you can... and evolve a freedom-based lifestyle and purposeful future. We want you to prosper and be an inspiration of personal integrity and self-care to your core community – so we guide you into just that.

Cate's Colleagues Say...

Dr. Claudia Welch

"I love everything I’ve seen Cate Stillman offer. I love Cate’s spirit, knowledge and ability to bring us all together in inspiration and health."

Elena Brower

"With Cate Stillman you learn how to architect your choices, create the optimal environment for your wellness, and evolve your habits to get your cells working as an intelligent, unified whole."

Nadya Andreeva

"Cate’s super direct actionable approach makes the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom easy to approach and implement in daily living for a modern day busy person."

You want the habits of regeneration, not degeneration.

You want to live well nourished and nurtured.

You want energy.

You want to live well rested.

You want to make better food faster.

You want to experience ease, flow and thrive.

You want to be with people who are actively evolving.

Is this YOU?

The 3 Essential Habits + 50 Recipes for Deeper Nourishment

You'll be nourishing yourself on the next level, in less time, and will save money.

Being in the Hot Seat for Laser Coaching

Receiving laser coaching from Cate and the Body Thrive Coaches on a weekly basis

Belonging to our Evolving, Innovating Community

Other programs talk about having a global community - but they don't walk their talk. Body Thrive members often meet their future best friends and colleagues in the course.

Here’s What Else You Will Love When You Invest To Be a Member of Cate's Course + Body Thrive Community…

How to Optimize Your Workouts for Vata, Pitta and Kapha and Your Season of Life.

Not only will you learn how to optimize your workouts, you can access our Practice Lab

Library of Cate's Meditations for Body Thrivers

You'll be practicing the art of enlightenment - which includes the habits of Sitting In Silence and Easeful Living, with Access to our Private Library of Ancient and Innovative Meditations!

The Specific Nature of Your Digestion, Your Constitution + Your Mind

Body Thrive™ provides step-by-step instruction to catalyze more energy, improve your digestion, cultivate peace of mind, and evolve your habits toward lifelong health and wellness.

The Body Thrive Workbooks and the Body Thrive book in Kindle

Cate's custom build print-ables for you to share with your friends and family to live the habits of Ayurveda. 

Ayurvedic Self-Healing Wisdom Lessons beyond the habits

Weekly Ayurvedic webinars where Cate teaches you the art of  self-healing, and watch and share with your family and friends.

The history of the Ayurvedic habits and the philosophy of Ayurveda

Yogahealer's dynamic online community is the evolving edge of an ancient-meets-innovative approach.

Wake Up Every Morning Energized, Lithe, and Aligned to the Habits that Evolve Your Life.

Your Investment Options



One Payment
Sweet Savings!

4 Payments of

$1,375 -  quarterly

Quarterly Payments

Monthly Payment

One Pay


*one payment

* per month, billed 10 times

* 4 times - quarterly

10 payments of

$580 - spread out

Body Thrive™ is an investment for life. Choose the plan that works best for you. Our Body Thrive members say the course saves them money - over the tuition investment - within the first year! And the value keeps increasing for them year over year after completing the course. 

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