Uplevel body habits in 10 weeks.

Body Thrive with Cate Stillman

Which body habits do you NOT have that are
affecting your sleep, energy + diet?

Degenerative habits degenerate you.

Evolutionary habits regenerate you.

Thrive with the practical, modern wisdom from the ancient traditions of yoga and Ayurveda.

The yogis of yore were into longevity.

And, they weren't just into longevity. 

They were into longevity + thrive. 
They were into living a long time and feeling terrific along the journey.

What does it mean to thrive, to grow, to evolve, to learn, to improve to pass on genuine wisdom over time? What is the difference between degeneration and generation with the aging process?

This question plagued the yogis for years. For centuries. For millennia. This is the basis of Ayurveda - the science of life, the ancient bio-rhythmic enlightened body habits + healthcare system to co-arise with Yoga in the ancient Indus Valley.

The yogis of yore discovered that the name of the game is generative habits. Our habits either generate life force or they don't.

We know our communities, and even our families, maybe even ourselves are plagued by habits of stagnation and habits of misuse of our bodies, our minds and our senses.

Welcome to my world.

For the past 15 years, I've led groups through dynamic body habit evolution journeys. Let's just say I've improved with age. 

I know how to tap you into your body's wellness potential quickly. I know how to easefully awaken you to better habits. And I want you to get those better habits easefully automated into your day to day life. 

  1. Your palate will be smarter.
  2. Your body and mind will receive the rest they deserve.
  3. Your intuition will be deeply honored, and easily heard.
  4. Excess body mass will evaporate.
  5. You will have all the energy you desire. 

And it will happen fast. 

When you're on the other side of Body Thrive, you'll notice you have more time, more money and more control. You won't squander your focus. You won't rush around. You won't wonder if you'll ever be in control of your experience.

You'll be back in the driver's seat of your body and your life.

Good for you. You made it this far already. 

"After only 2 weeks of Body Thrive my body feels stronger, less inflamed, and I have more energy. In short I my body is thriving! I am super excited about the weeks to come."

-Rebecca Lynn, massage therapist + mom, Nayarit, Mexico

"After Body Thrive, I have more energy, a more loving, kind relationship with myself, a cleaner diet, self integrity and a community of peeps who are heading down the same path. It's amazing! I'm in my 2nd round of Body Thrive right now and can feel the process continue to fine tune my daily rhythms. So grateful for this tribe."

-Jamie Lynn Worster

Come through a live coaching session of the 10 Body Thrive Habits with me in real time.

Commit to your body. Commit to the process. And witness your own rapid evolution. 


You’ve got a lot going on.

Mentally check all that apply. Be honest with yourself – it’s your body. 

It's your life you are designing.

You’re tired. Sometimes you even are grumpy when you wake up.

You’re not as fit, lithe or strong as you wish.

You want to live a long, healthy life.

You'd like to kick your self-nourishment up a notch.

You don’t meditate enough as you think you should.

You want more control over your time.

You want self care to be easy peasy... and amazing... because you're smart and you get that it's the name of the game with dynamic living.

You want to design your body & your life

You want the habits of regeneration, not degeneration.

You want to eat a better diet.

You want to design your body & your life.

You want energy.

You want sleep.

You want to make better food faster.

You want to meditate

Dial in the habits of Yogis, from Ayurveda
for Longevity + Thrive.

"Body Thrive has aligned my body and mind. Didn't realize I was living so separately until I devoted the time to honor myself from the cellular level. Really loving my body and appreciating it's very subtle wisdom - All of this has been sort of a "cellular re-birthing" if you will. Seeing very clearly now my authentic self and summoning the strength, integrity and fortitude to be that."

-Liz Bailey Young, Massage Therapist Trainer, nurse, and "Nana" , Utah

"Before Body Thrive my body was dry, tired and out of nature's rhythm. I stayed up too late and slept too late. After Body Thrive my body knows it's time for bed when the sun goes down and wakes when the sun rises. I feel alive!!! I batch task and my digestive system loves a more easeful way to nourish my body. It's simple, yet effective. I believe everybody should Thrive!!"

-Dawn Lane, Yoga Studio Owner + Teacher, Iowa

As you attune to your bio-rhythms you understand yourself better, on multiple levels. You start to own your physiology... your goods. As a result, your cellular intelligence skyrockets. 

As your cellular intelligence skyrockets your self-worth and self-confidence intrinsically become integrated at a deeper level. Your self-knowledge (which is the definition of health in Ayurveda) generates self trust. You fall in love with your life and the gift of your body. 

As you fall in love with your life and the gift of your body, your awareness takes root in new levels of yourself, or what the yogis call your subtle body. In turn, your immune integrity increases. Those with immune or autoimmune dis-eases find at this stage they have control over how they repair the damage. This ability to proactively design the future through better habits multiplies a positive feedback loop.

You experience more ease, more time, more flow, and a more grounded productivity.  As you optimize your bio-rhythms, efficiencies in both self care and efficiencies in focused activity and play manifest. Which is freaking awesome. 

You "get" what tanks your ship and what floats your boat in terms of habits. You get clear on YOUR keystone habit. Your keystone habit clicks your other better habits into gear for the day.

Feel younger as you grow wiser. The feedback we receive most from our members is that they feel younger, or better than ever. Buyah.

You go through a cycle of identity evolution. You make a shift and become the next phase of the person you've wanted to become for a while. We support the better version of you into stability. Which is truly wonderful. 

You streamline your meal planning and food prep to work with your lifestyle and desired amount of time (or lack thereof) in your kitchen.

Outcomes from Body Thrivers who join the community & complete the course:

You awaken the power of healing with your own hands. When we've been through trauma in our life, even as far back as childhood, the trauma gets stored in the body. Unless we've released the trauma, it causes the havoc of disconnect. As you start to awaken your healing powers with your hands on your own body, a level of self-love, otherwise unaccessible, manifests. Which is a wonder to behold personally.

You adopt the practices the Yogis of yore used for centuries so that their senses would last for the duration of the longevity journey. Ear care, eye care, skin care, teeth care, nasal care, and tongue care all are part of the Body Thrive experience. For reals.

Easeful living isn't just "new age banter" around here. Easeful living is a real deal habit that is part of our course and our process. Most of us inadvertently choose stressful living. Here live in the course we make the shift to ease. We flip the switch in our nervous system.

Getting the kind of sleep you need isn't an option. It's a necessity. Often how you put yourself down for night needs improvement. We make those improvements in real time.

Pooping like a champ may not be your issue. But for 2/3 of our new members it's not a reality. We turn our peeps into early morning pooping champions. No sense in carrying around a sack of *&^ during the day, now is there?

Super digestion isn't optional in Ayurvedic medicine. Super digestion is the basis of health. It's the basis of disease-prevention. It's the basis of mental acuity. It's the basis of higher levels of awareness. Without it,  we're a bit of a distracted junk show, according to the yogis. 
Ok. That was harsh. But here is the deal: without super digestion, we can't break down food. Over time that creates junk, or ama. Over more time we store that junk in our trunk so to speak. You follow? You want super digestion? We're all about it in Body Thrive.

You'll turn your body fitness up a notch. You'll get swept up by the ease in our method of habit evolution, which is based on Kaizen. You'll also "get" the Ayurvedic philosophy behind working out by body type, and how to cross train for your type. It's contagious within the community. Fitness slackers get sucked into the movement of the posse. 

Habit evolution based on behavioral science, mixed with ancient nature-based Ayurvedic philosophy is the name of our game. The mix of modern life-hacker meeting pure common sense and grandmother wisdom is an unbeatable combo that erodes even the craftiest of bad habits. You'll find you're living in tune with your bio-rhythms in no time, and experiencing your own personal carpe diem.

"Living the 10 habits not only changed my life dramatically at the get go, there is a non-stop continuous evolution occurring. I am becoming a new person every day- Creating the me I want to be and the life I want to live!"

-Dr. Beth Claxton,

I just thought about my year and realized that one of the best things that happened to me is Body Thrive!  I am in so much more integrity with my body and it keeps getting better and better. I'm psyched to see what is possible in terms of wellbeing and stepping into my dharma in 2017! In deep gratitude for this wonderful community, and special thanks to Cate Stillman

- Marie Harder

There are groups… and then there are Evolutionary Groups. I’m obsessed with the latter. My career and personal drive to live a vibrant, awake, interconnected life has taken me into some uncommon training.

There is a special rule book. (The rule book itself is also evolving.) There are set commitments and set ways of how we show. What happens when this happens?


Part of my training includes 4 years of active participation in evolutionary enlightenment culture + leadership. You may have no idea what that means. It means being part of a group that is actively pushing into the edges of collective awakening.

When we take ourselves out of the rugged individualist path to our personal health evolution we step into another dimension of support, of connectivity, of consciously evolving both separately and as a group, and quite honesty, of love.

It’s very intense. All of the stuff in your closet ends up exposed to the light of day. And you’re able to make some real choices with the real impact of how you’re showing up in the world.

It’s social connectivity on steroids that propels us into the next worldview, the next dimension, and the next level of living-on-purpose in our life. I couple that with building your physical energetic capacity and your immune integrity.

It’s not casual. And you won’t be the same as when you started.

2 Body Thrive Coaching Support Calls per month with  

Tracey Duncan


2 Ayurveda + Body Thrive Coaching Calls per month with 

Sarita Rocco.

Tracy's and Sarita's coaching calls 

"Before Body Thrive, my life was filled with the "do's and don'ts" of living a healthy lifestyle which is always changing based on the current research, studies or fads. After integrating Body Thrive's 10 habits into my life, I let those "do's & don'ts" go for good. I now feel the most tuned-in to my body than I ever have before. I'm also watching my clients evolve into healthier individuals with the same confidence and ease as they tune-in to their bodies too!"

-Shelly Aaron

"Body Thrive taught me how to eat right for my body, and I lost 10 pounds without even trying :)"

-Vanessa Sulzer, Yoga Teacher, Jackson WY

"Having access to people that are as committed to personal growth as I am has been hugely helpful & so very encouraging for me. Fine tuning lifestyle - schedule, hydrating & eating habits, self-care practices... it is all paying off in amazing ways. I've had significant breakthroughs with my asana practice. AND the dried-up old woman stuff - HALLELUJAH!! - that's fading wonderfully."

-Donna McBride

"I've reached the end of my maternity leave, and started back to work today. I can say with 100% certainty that without the habits today would have been a disaster. And it is with so much joy that instead I've come to the end of this day completely content, and at ease with this new chapter. I engineered my day to include ample time for my responsibilities, my family, and myself. And as I close my eyes, the smile remains on my face. This mama is proud and so so full of gratitude! Thanks Cate and Grace for showing me how to be amazing!"

- Carly Banks

Cate Stillman is the Body Thrive Coach for February 2018 group.

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