How to Access Your Future Self to Make Investment Decisions Now

Often, we make decisions from our patterned experiences with investing, spending, and money. In this video I walk you through how to invest from the perspective of who you want to become next.

  • This way of investing isn’t natural to most of us.
  • This way of investing, isn’t intuitive to most of us.
  • This way of investing, for most of us, wasn’t taught by our parents or our teachers.

And yet, this way of investing aligns you to a future that is better and brighter than your past. Click to play. You can radically evolve how you make decisions fast and forever.

Mindset for Personal Success

Awake People Invest Rather than Spend

If you are here that means you want to invest in yourself. In my terminology, investing has a return on investment. Investing creates a brighter future on multiple levels – wealth, health, relationship, aligned action. Spending, as I use it, doesn’t have a return on investment. It has a cost that exceeds the return. Think of eating donuts or organic goji berries. Donuts are cheap… yet have a huge long term cost if consumed regularly. Goji berries are much pricier, and a good investment in getting antioxidants into your cells.

The videos on this page help you decipher where your greatest next investments lie. Our members dramatically shift how they invest, and in doing so, guarantee their own low-risk long term growth on multiple levels.

Awake People Invite Solutions

Once you’ve set your goal to live your dreams and take this course, you may be asking, “Where is the money going to come from?” This is my favorite question. Ask this question with genuine curiosity and expect insight and answers from your intelligence mind.

If this is the case, your task at hand is to find the money. Check out our Finance Idea Generator. Print it. Read it and you will start generating solutions-oriented thinking. This type of thinking is required for you to invest in what you want as a grounded, integrated experience. This is as important to me as it is to you. The reason? If you can make this investment and not sabotage your decision, you’ll be easier to coach to the results you want.

Financing Ideas for your Course Membership

Are you a Pro
at Investing in Your Success?

3 minutes: 3 Signs it’s a Yes!

This short video is a litmus test to see if your energy body is all in with the course you want to take.

How to Invest in What You Want

If you aren’t sure about the return on your investment, or you don’t believe you can do it, please take the twenty minutes to listen to this. It could change your life, hereafter.