You are your biggest asset.
Are you a Pro
at Investing in Yourself?

3 minutes: 3 Signs it’s a Yes!

Mindset for Personal Success

Successful People Invest Rather than Spend

If you are here that means you want to invest in yourself. Now, you need to secure financing. Securing financing requires you to take on the mindset of a successful person. Successful people have learned how to finance their personal success.

Successful People Solve Problems

When you want to invest in yourself and you don’t have the money – you have a small problem. If you’ve never successfully tackled this problem before it may feel like a big problem. Having the mindset that you solve problems is the mindset of success. Without this mindset you set yourself up for failure and disappointment.

Successful People Find Solutions

Once you’ve set your goal to live your dreams and take this course, your new dream becomes to secure financing. Solutions-oriented thinking is required. To find solutions to problems that have help you back requires asking better questions. My favorite question is:

Where is the money going to come from?

How to Invest in What You Want

If you aren’t sure about the return on your investment, or you don’t believe you can do it, please take the twenty minutes to listen to this. It could change your life, hereafter.

How much money
Body Thrive save
for our Course Members?

Regenerate Yourself and Align the Rest of Your Life into the Daily Rhythm for the Best Sleep, Energy + Nourishment
with Ayurvedic Wisdom

Want to have the habits that regenerate your life force?

Wish you had an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Health Coach with you at all times so you could get the guidance, inspiration, and coaching whenever you need it most? Well, Cate’s dynamic global group coaching – Body Thrive Annual Pass – is a remarkable, innovative solution. She is a Master Coach in Ayurveda + Habit Evolution.

You’ll receive LIVE coaching with Cate in your Body Thrive Group, and have access to additional 1-1 support with our Body Thrive, Coaches. You’ll have access to her dynamic group experience. You can choose to have an accountability partner within her powerful community. You’ll get Cate’s guidance both live through coaching and in-depth video instruction where she teaches you not just how to evolve your habits in real time, but also a year’s worth of Ayurvedic wisdom, training and coaching with Cate. You’ll also be able to share the experience with those you live with, so your habits evolve together! This is a unique life-changing experience.

Now you can study with Cate and evolve your life from anywhere on the planet. We use a video conferencing classroom which creates in in-real-life feeling without having to travel for hours to study and be coached by a master. Plus, during this 12-month evolutionary experience, we’ll teach you how to make automatic in your life the habits of yogis, which unlock your access into radiant longevity, where you are rooted in your radiance every day!

Wake Up Every Morning Energized, Lithe, and Aligned to the Habits that Evolve Your Life.

Body Thrive Quarter 1 – Get It
(Learn the habits + our method)

Body Thrive Quarter 2 – Work It
(Lean in; make massive progress)

Body Thrive Quarter 3 – Live It
(Deepen your momentum)

Body Thrive Quarter 4
Be It (Awaken to flow)