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Body Thrive with Cate Stillman

If you missed this video on habits + identity evolution - make sure to catch up.

My coaching groups to start off ready for action. This means that if you choose to come on this mission with us, to a better body and a better life, then you will succeed.

Being with the right guide and with the right team makes all the difference. Congratulations. I'm thrilled you've come this far

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A rested, renewed body

A Smarter Diet

Abundant energy

"Rapid personal evolution happens when a leader brings together a purpose, a posse and a plan." 

-- Cate

Cate coaching at the Yogahealer Retreat. Body Thrive members are invited to our two annual exclusive retreats.

Body thrive is more than a crash course on how to feel better. It challenges me to listen to and let my intuition guide me in all aspects of my life. I am learning to look at life as a dynamic experience, one in which I have a central role in creating every single moment. ..

Heather Ferrill 

"I knew about most of these habits prior to the course, but now I value them way more. I appreciate them as a cohesive whole and have been supported in doing them regularly enough to actually feel significantly better! Their effects, I think, are more symbiotic than I was able to realize in my hit-miss approach prior to the course."

Margery Anderson

A word from our Body Thrivers

What happens in Body Thrive

"Body Thrive is a journey of exploration; learning to observe the reaction of my body, soul and mind to my daily habits. With Body Thrive I'm developing new sustainable habits, in small steps, that are making a big difference..."

 - Kathleen Hardey 

Body Thrive has aligned my body and mind. Didn't realize I was living so separately until I devoted the time to honor myself from the cellular level. Really loving my body and appreciating it's very subtle wisdom - All of this has been sort of a "cellular re-birthing" if you will. Seeing very clearly now my authentic self and summoning the strength, integrity and fortitude to be that ...

Liz Bailey Young

Before Body Thrive my body was dry, tired and out of natures rhythm. I stayed up to late and slept to late. After Body Thrive my body knows it's time for bed when the sun goes down and wakes when the sun rises. I feel alive!!! I batch task and my digestive system loves a more easeful way to nourish my body. It's simple yet effective. I believe everybody should Thrive!! ...

Dawn Lane

With BODY THRIVE you'll uplevel your mornings to be glorious and supercharge your day.

You'll evolve your evenings to be restful and regenerative, for mental acuity and control of your choices, your time + you life.

You are investing in your future in the best way possible. You are investing in your own generative capacity.

After only 2 weeks of Body Thrive my body feels stronger, less inflamed, and I have more energy. In short I my body is thriving!
I feel super!

Rebecca Lynn 

What you can expect from Body Thrive 

Kick-off call is November 9, 2017 and 10 Thursdays for the 10 Habits thereafter:

"Chains of habit are too lightly to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken."

- Warren Buffett


When I worked as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, my schedule filled with clients for 1-1 appointments. I was frustrated. I’d played enough team sports to know that being part of a group with common objectives is much easier than going it alone. In college sports -we were all in great shape, learning better social dynamics, and having fun. I couldn’t understand why creating evolutionary wellness groups wasn’t part of my Ayurveda training. It didn’t make sense.

Most of my Ayurveda clients over the last decade+ didn’t have super inspiring health-nuts to go home to. They were the super inspiring health-nut to the people around them. My clients felt that their relationships were pulling them backward – not propelling them forward.

This bothered me. Around the same time (about 12 years ago) I started bringing yoga students together for a detox. My yogidetox students/clients had major breakthroughs. Not a few of them. All of them. After the detoxes I would hear, “I want this group to keep going! I’m not sure I can keep up my momentum with these better habits”.

Body Thrive was born out of the need to get grounded in the habits to thrive in your body for a lifetime. Body Thrive is based on evolutionary group consciousness, Ayurvedic body/dharma/spirit practices, and progressive habit-evolution philosophy.

The Body Thrive habits themselves are simple.

As an American, independence over the collective was bred into my psyche. The term “Rugged Individualism” from Herbert Hoover’s presidency in the 1930’s comes to mind. Rugged individualism refers to the idea that each individual should be able to help themselves out financially. It’s an “up-by-the-bootstraps” philosophy.

Yet, many of you know that when you meditate in a group, or go to yoga class as opposed to doing your practice at home – it’s better.

 More smart support = faster, deeper transformation.

What I discovered in my Ayurveda clients is that the rugged individualist approach to health evolution isn’t efficient or effective.

But, bring together a group of like-minded individuals who have similar objectives and goals and a lot evolves in a short period of time.

You probably know what you should be doing with your body/mind/spirit habits. But cognitive knowledge is a limiting motivator.

Body Thrive Transformations

Every week you need to spend 30  minutes learning + upgrading your understanding of how your body and your habits work.

How Body Thrive Works

Commit to your Self + the Group

Join me for laser coaching

Every week we meet via zoom webcasting as a group.  You'll watch the weekly webinars between meetings, and I'll live coach us through a deeper transformation.

Watch the weekly webinars

I want to know exactly who you want to be next. That way I can specifically help you get there. 

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Why you WANT to be in my dynamic group for your rapid evolution...

"It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours, and you'll drift in that direction."

- Warren Buffett


Better digestion & elimination

A Fitter Body

A more easeful day to day life

The 10 Habits of BODY THRIVE in 10 Weeks

Benefits of Body Thrive

How do you invest in your future?

"You only get one body and one mind. And it's got to last a lifetime. Now it's very easy to let them ride for many years. But if you don't take care of that body and that mind they'll be a wreck  40 years later, like a car would be."

- Warren Buffett

"Invest if yourself as much as you can. You are your own best asset by far."

- Warren Buffett

If you are here that means you want to invest in yourself. Now, you need to secure financing. Securing financing requires you to take on the mindset of a successful person. Successful people have learned how to finance their success.

When you want to invest in yourself and you don’t have the money - you have a small problem. If you’ve never successfully tackled this problem before it may feel like a big problem, rather than the current challenge at hand. Having the mindset that you solve problems and master challenges is the mindset of thrivers. Without this mindset you set yourself up for failure, disappointment, and more rapid degeneration than suits your species.

If your heart wants in for this experience, and your mind is stuck on whether it's worth it - print the Financing Idea Generator. I promise you'll have an "aha" moment if you do.

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You are ready to AWAKEN.

Live in sync with your bio-rhythms

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Reawaken the magic of being a human right here, right now.

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Do you want in, but don't know how to finance your Body Thrive?

"Invest if yourself as much as you can. You are your own best asset by far." 

- Warren Buffett

If you are here that means you want to invest in yourself. Now, you need to secure financing. Securing financing requires you to take on the mindset of a successful person. Successful people have learned how to finance their success.

Print this doc. Read it. Ideas will start coming... and you'll be investing in your thrive in no time flat!

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I'm thrilled to guide you into your potential.

You have the most evolved technology within your skin. 

Turn on your potential. Regenerate your cells. Embed the habits that give the gift of awake living.

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