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Body Thrive Book Clubs are happening all around the planet. We're aiming for 100 groups to start in March 2016.  All you need is a book and a desire to thrive.


BODY THRIVE walks you through 10 habit changes in 10 weeks, all based on Ayurveda, Yoga and behavior science. We want to support you in creating your own book group.




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Print and review the leader's and reader's guide for yourself. (Here's the link to the resource page)

Gather Your Peeps and Posse:

Send an email to remind your group about the upcoming meeting and make sure they have a copy of the reader's guide and the body thrive workbook.

Where to Meet:

At your tea house or library. At your yoga studio. In your office conference room. On google hangouts... or skype... or in a private Facebook group. What works for you and your peeps?

If you got questions, please review the updated FAQ or email us at [email protected]

Let us know how it rolls out. Hashtag: #BodyThrive.

Would you make a good BODY THRIVE BOOK CLUB host? Do you fit any of these descriptions?

You're already in a book club. 

You have a yoga studio, holistic wellness practice or a book store.

You're a yoga teacher, a nutritionist, a massage therapist, or other holistic practitioner. You want to bring your clients on a journey.

"I wanted to start the book club as a way to connect to local community around stuff that is important to me (not mundane stuff that I don’t resinate with) yet something that would be good for them too. Its a win win!"
Dea, yoga teacher 

" I'm so excited to see what happens with my group. I have a yoga studio in Australia and really wanted my students to know the habits from Ayurveda and yoga. Cate has made this so easy."

Some words from those who are leading groups:

"I have an upscale bookstore, and I've been on Cate's email list forever. When I saw she was offering support for book clubs, I jumped in. With all of her online community background, she has made it idiot-proof to start your own group, and give your group an amazing experience."

Nancy Keating-  Yoga Studio Owner

John Hanford - Book Store owner

"As a long time studio owner I wanted to offer my community more opportunities to learn about Ayurveda. A book club around Body Thrive seemed to be a perfect opportunity."

Stair Calhoun, yoga teacher + studio owner

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At the helm of Yogahealer.com since 2001, as an Ayurvedic Practitioner + Yoga Teacher I’ve picked up a thing or two about habit evolution for yogis. On the mic of the Yogahealer Real Life show since 2012 I inadvertently became known as the go-to-gal who makes Ayurveda easy to understand and super practical. And somewhat inadvertently, I built a global army of Yoga Health Coaches to coach their communities through these 10 habits.

This book is dedicated to the global army of Yoga Health Coaches who are spreading these habits in their ‘hoods. And, it’s for me to remember what to do whenever I get off track.

I must say, the book is a little edgy for Ayurveda. It’s kind of cutting-edge for Yoga peeps, and those who just are sick of their own outdated patterns. If that is you.. you’ll love it. I’f you’re a yoga person, you’ll really love it. I think.

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Start your own BODY THRIVE Book Club.

More than 50 people have left BODY THRIVE a 5 star review. I have a free book club guide plus insider resources to help you have an awesome experience. You don't need book club hosting experience.

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