Body Habits to thrive daily + increase your time

60 minute webinar + 30 minute Q+A

with Cate Stillman, author of Body Thrive Uplevel Your Body & Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda , the #1 New Release on Amazon in Ayurveda books. 

Webinar for smart people:

The"Must-Have" quick lessons to 

live a highly productive and easeful life in a happy body!

Why YOU want to watch this webinar with Cate

  1. Identify your KEYSTONE body habit to hit your wellness goals

  2. Use 3 habit evolution tools that make all the difference.

  3. Nourish your inner aspirations with a dose of informed inspiration.

  4. Which habits from Ayurveda + Yoga will make your life better now

  5. How to kaizen your way into better habits

  6. The top 3 body habits for better productivity from Ayurveda.

  7. Cate is a gifted teacher + leader... and this teaching is  free!

About the Speaker

Cate Stillman

Cate has grown and led the Yogahealer posse since 2001. A leading voice for Ayurveda and Awake Living she has a down to earth approach to deep wisdom.

Author of Body Thrive, founder + tribe leader at, co-host of the Ayurveda Summit, Mastermind behind Yoga Health Coaching, author of Body Thrive

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I've noticed after working with thousands of smart people who invest in themselves that the crucial problem is they don't know which habit is the key that unlocks a life of easeful productivity.

I'm putting on this free training to help you, as a healthy person who wants to thrive at the next level, invest your attention in the habits that will make you smarter, more productive, and in the next level of flow and control of your time and your day.

Get a quick hit of body smarts from Cate now:

Streamline your goals into habits.

 Identify your Keystone habit.

Get 3 tools to cultivate that habit. 

To thrive daily and increase your time, watch the webinar.

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